What is a Traffic Misdemeanor Versus a Traffic Infraction?

There are a wide variety of tickets and citations that one get while driving. Some of these can be fought on your own while others you will need an attorney.

What is a traffic misdemeanor?

A traffic misdemeanor is actually a criminal offense that can earn one actual jail time. These would be things that include: driving under the influence of alcohol or other drugs, performing a hit and run, driving without insurance, reckless driving, or any other form of driving where someone is injured or even killed.

These differ from state to state in severity, but for each one of these since they are so serious a lawyer is needed to give you the legal advice needed in that situation.

A traffic infraction or traffic citation on the other hand is not a criminal offense. Something like speeding is breaking the law, but in most cases, unless one is going more than double the speed limit which is considered reckless driving, it’s a minor issue that can be resolved in a traffic court. These types of driving infractions do not require a lawyer in most cases.

It’s acceptable to challenge these types of tickets and one is within their rights to do so. Two of the best pieces of advice to keep in mind is to be respectable to the officer since you will face the cop in court again.

Also one should never admit guilt on any level. For example, Don’t agree you were speeding. Don’t give an excuse as to why you were speeding to the officer. Don’t admit in court you are guilty but think you excuse will somehow excuse the guilt.

Source by Lance Esondi

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