Traffic – How Do We Get Traffic?

There are literally too many possible ways to get traffic for me to mention all of them here. BUT, the first step to getting traffic, plain and simply, should always be determining your keyword phrases!

If you go out and start submitting articles, bookmarking, submitting your site to directories, link exchanges, or anything else that you can do to get traffic, without first spending some time on keyword research … your site will be dead in the water without ever understanding why it sunk to begin with and this is not very fun!

Getting your website listed in the search engines via various traffic methods is important, but if you are going to do that then you MUST complete the work upfront first. You must complete keyword research to determine the best phrases to get your site ranked well in the search engines.

Take for example a dog training website … after completing research for the site, let's say you decide that you want to use the phrase "dog obedience training" as one of your chosen keyword phrases … then you will place that phrase in anchor text, in meta tags, in alt tags and in the body of your website to get listed in the search engines for the phrase, "dog obedience training." Keep in mind when completing your keyword research that you want to stick with phrases that have a decent amount of traffic and a small number of competitive websites. This will ensure better placement in the search engines for your site.

What I am trying to say is please do not be so obsessed with the traffic, UNTIL you have figured out the best possible keyword phrases to target for your market. Once you have this done, go wild … write a bunch of articles, complete some link exchanges (or better yet, one-way or three-way link exchanges), start bookmarking … plain and simply GET PEOPLE TO LINK TO YOUR SITE as much as you can. Because now that you have done the legwork upfront, you will be getting a lot of traffic!

This first step is absolutely VITAL to your business and if you want to succeed you must complete it!

Source by Shannon Lueck

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