Traffic Building – 7 Search Engine Myths Exposed!

The following have been tried and found as a myth through research and testings. These tactics are myths and should not be used to get higher page rankings with search engines!

7 search engine myths exposed!

  1. Search engines know all. This is undoubtfully a myth. A search engine is just a simple algorithm. These engines use simple algorithm to find your thousands of results. There is no person sitting on a computer all day, sorting out these thousands of results from more than a million search requests. That would be impossible to do in less than 10 seconds! Search engines do not know all. Every result is not viewed by a human and submitted into search results. They just simply send in the algorithm, and if your content is okay, they'll put it into their engine results. They do not know all! They just know what the algorithm looks for.
  2. Search engines will not post duplicated content. Another fabulous myth. In Google's rule, it plainly states that duplicated content will not be indexed into their search results, unless that duplicate gets more links to it than the original and other duplicates. So therefore, you can get your duplicate content posted on search engines!
  3. You must get links from related subject sites to rank highly with search engines. This is not true! Links are links. Search engines do not count out links just because they are not related to your website. Links are just ways for people to show other people where to get more information. Search engines do not care if they are not in the same niche, as long as your a reputable website that people can trust, they'll rank you highly, no matter what site links to you.
  4. Focusing on one subject will get you ranked higher. This is undoubtfully untrue. Blogs are a good example of this matter. Blogs go off topic tons of times, but yet they are able to still get onto the first page of search engine results! So therefore, you do not have to stick to one subject in order to rank highly.
  5. High page ranks means that you have high rankings. Not true once again. If you were to use seochat's website and use their page rank tool, you will see that there are tons websites that are beating their competition even though their ranks are lower. There are hundreds of websites that only have a ranking of 3 but has a higher page ranking than websites with a ranking of 6!
  6. To rank highly, you must constantly add new content. Once again, not true! Websites run on autopilot and have not been changed for more than months, yet their page rankings with search engines are still on the first page! They do not update their content, but they get high rankings.
  7. Ranking in Google is hard. It's not hard. Ranking with Google is simple, the more valuable links you get to your website, the more you're going to high page rankings with search engines.

These myths are not true!

Source by Matthew Jon Castro

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