Top Secrets to Increase Targeted Traffic to Your Web Site Or Blog

In order to make your web site or blog profitable, you need to get targeted traffic to your web site and then promote your blog to get even more visitors.

Through this article, you will be provided with some important tips that you can use to increase targeted traffic to your web site or blog.

If you want to get targeted visitors, choose a keyword reach domain name for your web site.

Then make sure that you are indexed by the search engines. It is important to get some keyword reach content before you try and get your site indexed. If you want to do it fast you should sign up to as many social bookmarking sites such as StumbleUpon, Reddit, Propellor, Digg, and

One of the easiest way to increase targeted traffic is to build your blog or site, which is good looking and interesting to visitors.

Another good way to get more traffic is to write articles. You can use article submission software to submit those articles to hundreds of directories.

Of course you should submit web url to at least hundred web directories.

Excellent way to generate good traffic is to write good quality content very often. Search engines loves when content is updated more frequently. So if your website is not a blog try to add a blog to get attention from the search engines.

Web site owners have now started posting custom made videos on YouTube to promote their websites. It is really important to use this technique. Write a good, keyword rich attractive title and submit your video with your web site link.

Start becoming active in forums related to your site topic, put a link to your site in your signature so you increase targeted web traffic from forum visitors coming to your site.

Source by Tom Conlon

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