The Importance of Traffic Signs and Signals

With advancing technology, the way in which we get from point A to point B is rapidly improving. With all of these advancements, it is easy to forget about other people and modes of transportation who share the road with vehicles. Luckily, the MUTCD, the Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices, makes sure that bicycles, pedestrians, and other means of transportation are accommodated safely.

With today’s gas prices as high as they are, there are many people who choose to ride bicycles. This means that bicycle lanes must be regulated so that they can be ensured of their safety when they ride on roads with vehicles that are much more powerful than they are. The MUTCD insists that the signs for bicycle lanes must be a standard color and shape, and they must have a retroreflective surface so that other users can see the cyclist.

Traffic signs are vitally important for pedestrians, especially around areas such as schools. The MUTCD asserts that in order for safety to exist for pedestrians, effective traffic control must be in place. For example, a traffic separator may be placed on the curb in bus loading/unloading areas in order to make sure that traffic and pedestrians do not merge. Also, school crossing signs and signals are another important addition to ensure safety of pedestrians. Since children have to cross intersections around schools, it is important to make sure that there are effective traffic signs and signals, so that anyone and everyone, drivers and pedestrians alike, can be aware of the significance of a safe environment.

The road is a dangerous place seeing as though all of the vehicles that contain a motor are made up of dangerous components and flammable liquids. Since objects such as glass and metal make up vehicles, it is important to make sure pedestrians and cyclists are safe from these powerful materials. With that being said, proper signs and signals are necessary to ensure the safety of these individuals who share the road with vehicles that are motorized. Since many pedestrians and bicycles are around schools, this is especially true in those areas. Fortunately, the MUTCD has an outlined procedure of how to make the road a safer place. Within this outline, they reveal how signs and signals can serve as helpful equipment to pedestrians and cyclist that share the road with various powerful vehicles thus providing a safe environment on all aspects of the road.

Source by Morgan Ambrose

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