Squeeze Pages, Targeted Web Traffic, List Building – What You Need to Know!

What is it that season Internet Marketers, self-proclaimed Gurus, list Vendors / Brokers, professional Webmasters, and savvy Affiliate Marketers have already learned about online marketing, and you need to know?

By now it is No Secret: "The Money is in the List."

How many times have we heard this seeming statement statement? Perhaps, too many of us make the disastrous mistake of taking it at face value, and plowing forward with little consideration for the challenges ahead. Although there are countless articles, e-Books, and seminars given on the subject, this isolated phrase does not tell you enough, especially if you are just starting out.

However, this rather convincing assertion leaves out critical-warning signs and the main ingredients for compiling an effective data-base of potential customers. It makes an assumption, but here is what you need to understand, regardless of where you are in the process.

Your Success Online Depends on Your Knowing the Following:
Avoid the temptation of buying a list; the majority are absolutely worthless.
Visitors are not what counts; real conversions matter more.
One-way "self-centered" thinking will never result into high sales volumes.
Interest is relevant to conversions. People must want what you are offering.
Drive your business by results. Not every list will make you money. Some will cost you!

Perhaps, the last bullet point is the secret, which makes the statement in question "The Money is in the List" an inside joke. This hidden punch line is what sizzles. Very few gurus even talk about the pitfalls or the actual hard-work involved. You need to know, it does not happen overnight. At times the work involved can seem endless and frustrating, but do not give up. The rewards come with each break through.

There is no substitution for working to build your database. A word of caution here: whatever you do, make sure you do not end up in the frying pan, with your assets burning from trying to buy responsive prospects. Save your money! Instead, invest your time in learning and implementing what really works.

What you will learn here is a better way to achieve long-term growth, credibility, and longevity in your business, which is absolutely all about people. It does not matter what your market is. The following points are valid across the board; discounting or ignoring any one of them puts your potential profit and growth at risk.

"People" Rules to Market by:

1. You Can not Exchange Money for Relationships with People!

As you already know from your own life-experiences, meaningful connections take time, energy, and work to develop. The same is true in our virtual world. Look at it this way. A free phone book or a paid vendor can both deliver a massive database of names, phones, numbers, and addresses.

However, what counts is the number of people who would respond to you. The percentages are extremely low for both. Why waste your money trying to buy what is priceless? Clearly, this is only to illustrate that relationships are what you must look to establish, not just a database of names. Now, if you insist on doing so, just use a free phone book.

2. Your Goal is to Develop a Robust Network of Responsive Followers.

Therefore, the number of visitors to your site does not have the same blunt force as the number of conversions. You can have server crashing hoards of virtual pedestrians, but unless you have conversions you will never make any sales. This is why buying bulk undefined traffic does not work for most sites.

Targeted Web Traffic is one of the greatest value to you. In other words, you want to focus on people who have an interest in your particular offer. You can not sale cat products to dog owners, unless they own both. The point is, before they will ever convert to a sale, you must capture and keep their interest.

A conversion is considered as an action, such as completing a sign-up form on what is commonly referred to as opt-in or Squeeze Pages. By any name, do not underestimate the importance of having a high converting landing page. It is difficult to think of any business online that does not use this type of page, for capturing the power of targeted web traffic.

3. What Works Best is Striving to Achieve the Right Mix in Your Attitude and Purpose.

If your attitude is one of helping people, then you are naturally motivated to develop your core skill sets for the purpose of distinguishing yourself or product in the market-place.

In a sense, you are the first product that people buy from you. You want to make yourself and your offer a commodity to your market. You can not have a "self-centered" attitude and expect to achieve your greatest potential. You must focus on "Other People's Problems" and provide the right solution. That is where your greatest opportunities are, in capturing their interest.

4. Interest is Relevant to Conversions; People Must See Your Offer as a Solution to their Problem.

Never forget this, as it extends to several different areas of your online business. Absolutely, everything depends on your ability to capture the interest of your niche, and convert them to loyal responsive followers. There is an "Art & Science" to do this. You must know this for yourself, to insure you are playing on a level field, with all the rest of the serious players. Give yourself an advantage over your competition.

Source by DL Lieberman

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