Secrets to RSS Traffic

Once you learn the secrets to more RSS traffic, the most important thing to remember is to put them into practice, or the knowledge will do nothing to increase your traffic.

Visitors Attention

Just as with any book, article, or post, the most important thing is to grab the attention of the reader in the first paragraph. On the internet, people are usually in a hurry and if the headline does not get their attention, they are off on another quest. Your RSS feed will need eye catching headlines so visitors will want to read the post. Of course, if the content is not as great as the title, you will lose loyal readers as well.

Keep them wanting more

If you have an idea of what your upcoming posts will center on, give your readers an idea. Do not give them all the post or even the main theme, but give a small hint. This will have them checking back on your RSS feed to make sure they do not miss out on the next post.

Submit your Feed to RSS directories

One of the best ways to find interested parties in your topic is by adding your feed to RSS directories. Surfers visit these directories to find topics of interest so they can subscribe to their favorite websites. If you are listed properly in the directory, you will gain more traffic.

Mention Subscription

You can gently remind your readers about subscribing so they do not miss the next post about XXX or any part of your series concerning XXX. This will not only help you receive more traffic and more subscribers but it will give your readers what they want – fresh and new content on your subject matter. You do not even have to mention it after the first time since you should have an RSS button at the top of the page. You can even write a post regarding your new RSS feed and the importance of keeping up to date with your content via the feed.

Social Networks

Use all your social networking skills. Advertise your RSS feed to your followers on Twitter, your friends on Facebook, your circles on Google Plus, and so on and so forth. This will not only get the word out to your lists but others will send out your new feed to their lists and it will keep going from there.

Source by Anita Payton

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