Role of Community Service in Our Society

Community service refers to doing something beneficial to the community. There are many people associated with different aspects of community development. People full of philanthropic feelings are those who work hard for the betterment of the community regardless of race, customs, traditions and religion. Any nation equipped with the feelings of community development and working for creating an environment better for all to live are actually preparing themselves for a healthier and happy community structure. The world is now becoming a global village and every other community is helping the weak and less privileged communities throughout the world to improve their standard of living.

Following are a few community services which plays an active role in different sectors.

Youth Community Service

Youth in any community plays a very important role in community development. If a nation has youth willing to participate in social activities, whether in form of a group or individually, it is quite a positive sign of community development. Youth can work in different youth organizations like Boys Scout organizations, Girls Guides units and other student organization as well as youth forums.

School, College and University Communities

Almost every educational institute has a purpose to develop a great community with the help of young students having a clear vision. The purpose of such communities is to help and guide other students of the college or university in different aspects of their lives as well as in their personal grooming.

Community services being a vast area may cater many other aspects. Some examples of the community services are as follows:

• Cleaning of parks, streets, and public visiting places

• Social welfare works (charity works)

• Rehabilitation, Relief operations, disaster and risk management

• Providing services in old age houses, nursing homes, hospitals

• Helping the law enforcement agencies and other relief works in the areas in which they may need help.

• Giving education to the children at their homes without taking fee and much more.

Source by Dermound Becker

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