Review of How Ho’Oponopono Really Works

Those of you who were taught to have positive thoughts might try to avoid feeling badly about anything. The Sedona Method and Ho’oponopono are more neutral, and allow you to let go of anything that is making you feel stress or fear. Other methods encourage you to dive into your bad feeling, pump it up and then let it go. But today, we will concentrate on Ho’oponopono.

How does this work?

Let’s say you are running late for work. You are still on probation and can’t afford any problems with your boss or manager who you know is a stickler regarding starting on time. This is going to cause stress on many levels. Your mind might take it all the way to “I can’t afford to lose this job!”. You know this thought, and the fear that it generates is a mistake, but it just keeps coming back.

With Ho’oponopono, you do the prayer: “Divinity, I love you; I’m sorry and please forgive me. Whatever program in me, my relatives or my ancestors back to the beginning of time is causing this lateness, please, take that program and burn it in the light. Thank you. It is done.”

Most of the time, after doing the prayer and turning it over to Divinity, I am not late. But there are other layers. You might want to do it as well for whatever program caused you to put your new job at risk, and you can do it again for your having chosen such a persnickety boss.

Hey, I didn’t Choose the Boss!

The underlying strength of Ho’oponopono or Sedona Method, is that you take 100% responsibility. When I first started doing Ho’oponopono I did not really understand what it meant. It is a statement of subjective reality. It is a statement which says that you are the creator of your Universe, good and bad. It is all you.

Therefore, if something bad is happening, it is your volition or your creation. Ho’oponopono explains that our subconscious mind is millions of times more powerful than our conscious mind, and that our subconscious is in part a perfect tape recorder. It has recorded our life and has also memories from our ancestors. Dr. Hew Len explains that these memories become programs, like computer software, to re-member themselves. This is why the same problems (Money, relationships, etc) keep coming back and back even when we think we have done enough work/healing/therapy to expel them from our lives forever.

So, first accept that it is not the traffic or the subway or the traffic lights that are making you late. You have made yourself late — perhaps by creating the traffic problem. It was all your doing. And this is why Sedona (Can I let it go?) and Ho’oponopono work.

Source by Nancy Stremmel

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