How to Write a Traffic Generating Resource Box For Your Articles

There are many theories out there about the best way to write a resource box for your published articles that will generate traffic to your website. This article will reveal a new resource box design theory you may never have heard about to make the links in your resource box irresistible.

To begin with, there are two primary reasons for posting a resource box at the bottom of your published articles; to generate backlinks to your website, and to get readers to visit your website. This article is about how to use your resource box to influence readers to visit your site when they finish reading your article.

Here is the resource box format that will generate traffic to your blog or website:

"Jennifer B. Harrison is the owner of View the complete version of this article with free video content, free social media traffic eBook and marketing product links on her blog at traffic-with-a-blog /. "

Let's look at what makes this resource box different from the most popular type of box. First, the reader is told right away she is not seeing your entitlement article. The resource box promises more helpful information to view, along with the offer of a free video and ebook, plus links to helpful products that can solve the problem discussed in the article. All well written articles discuss a problem and how to solve it. The video, eBook and links waiting to be viewed on your site should be designed to help the reader to learn more about the problem talked about in your article and how to solve it.

Readers are aware that quite often the link offered in a resource box is primarily to generate a sale. That's fine, but that stops some readers from clicking on the author's resource box links. So it would be a good idea to try and make a sale later, after you offer more helpful information to the reader. Once your reader is on your site, then you can offer a product that will solve the problem discussed in your article; a product of yours, or a product that will pay you an affiliate commission. Plus, when the reader arrives on your site she will get to use your blog's sticky web of links that lead to helpful content and more affiliate commission products.

Another important point about this best resource box theory has to do with backlinks. A backlink is your website link posted on someone else's website. Thousand of backlinks pointing to your website will improve your search engine ranking for your chosen business keywords, (or search terms). When your article is published on other sites, you want the original version of your article to be the one the search engines move to the top of the search results pages. Your version of your article should be unique. When your article is republished hundreds of times on other sites, (hopefully) your version could get lost in the search results if it looks exactly like everyone else's copy. That's why the article posted on your site should have more content than any of the other copies online.

One more important point to make is how to write an enticing "lead in" to your resource box. I'm talking about how to create a compelling conclusion paragraph that "pre-sells" your resource box links. Some people do not even read the resource box. They stop reading at the end of your conclusion paragraph mainly because you told them to! In your conclusion you told them this article is over, done, finished, kaput, so sayonara dear reader. Stop doing that!

Do not write "And finally, blah blah" or "Last of all, yada yada" or "In conclusion, la tee da …" Do not give the reader the impression that your article is finished, announcing to her there's no compelling reason to click on the link in your resource box that leads to your website … other than to buy something right away. We search the Internet for two primary reasons; to buy and to learn. Be a teacher first, and a merchant second.

Think of your conclusion paragraph as a satisfying end to part one of your article. Part two is waiting patiently on your site with lots of free, helpful goodies for the reader to enjoy.

Offer a video, or a podcast, or a free viral eBook with your affiliate links inside that lead to more valuable content, or a free software program that pays you an affiliate commission when your reader upgrades to the premium version, or a discount coupon code for a popular product, or a free really good WordPress plugin that you use to good effect, or the secret location of the Holy Grail (I've heard it's in southern Illinois, in case your readers are looking).

If you have a newsletter be sure to mention it in your article posted on your blog. You could use a popup to advertise your ezine. By the way, I just happened to know about a terrific popup plugin for WordPress bloggers. Maybe we'll talk later on my blog. Article publishing with an enticing resource box is a great way to build a list of subscribers for your newsletter.

Think of your published article as a teaser whose function is to compel the reader to want to learn more about you and your business. End one part of the discussion in your article, and then whet the reader's appetite for part two, which can only be found on your blog or website.

Source by Jefferson Hennessy

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