How To Increase Targeted Traffic To Your Web Site

Targeted traffic is defined as visitors to your site who are looking for what you have to offer on your web site. Many web site owners want to get more targeted traffic to their web site, but they're not sure just how to go about it. You're about to learn one of the most important primary aspects to start getting targeted traffic to your web site!

So you've hired a webmaster to create your web site and it's already published on the internet. You probably got a good deal and did not pay too much for the site. You've let your friends and business associates know about your web site, but when you check your site's statistics, you find that you're hardly getting any visitors or "traffic." So what went wrong?

Hopefully your webmaster submitted your web site to the main search engines for you – those would be Yahoo, Google, MSN, DMOZ, Alta Vista, etc. But if you bought a discounted web site, your site may not have been submitted to those search engines. And without the search engines know about you, your site will not get much traffic! So now you know – so let's go submit submit your site to the search engines – right? Wrong!

Before you go to each of the search engines and click on their "submit my site" link, you need to ensure that your site is search engine friendly. What does that mean you might ask? Well there are many discussions and opinions on just what you should do to get your site ready for the search engine listings, but all sites need the following basics in order to help them get listed in the search engines and thenby generate more targeted traffic.

The most basic preparation involves having a web site title and using some meta tags on your site's html code. What are meta tags and html code? HTML stands for hyper text markup language and is the code or language that your webmaster typically uses to create your web pages. When a search engine comes to look at your site, it wants certain information to help it list and categorize your site in its index. (The information provided by your code will help you get "targeted traffic" to your site.) The first thing the search engine will want is your site's title. This should be included in the html code near the top of the page. Also included in that html code should be things called meta tags. These provide the basic information that the search engines need, and are actually shown in the html code as ", and the" xxx "is replaced with your site's specific information.

You can see if your web site has any meta tags by looking at its source code (or html code). To view your site's source code, start by opening an internet browser and going to your web site. Once there, go to the menu bar at the top of the page and click on "view" and then look for "source" and click on it. This will bring up a text file which shows you the code used for your web site. The three essential things to look for are:

o Title – this is the title of your web site.

o Meta name = keywords – this is a list of words that helps the search engine classify your site's subject material.

o Meta name = description – this is an actual description in sentence form which describes what the purpose of your web site is.

There are other meta tags which you can add to your site's HTML code, but if you do not have those 2 listed above plus your site's title, your site will never be properly listed in the search engines. And consequently, you will never generate any targeted traffic to your web site.

So if you find that your site is missing the 3 above essential pieces of information, contact your webmaster and ask him to add them for you – these are really items that should have been included in the creation of your web site. After these items are added to your web site, or if you find that these 3 pieces are already there in your source code, then you are now ready to submit your site to the search engines and start to increase targeted traffic to your web site!

Source by Mark Krusch

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