How to Get Traffic Through Article Marketing and Email Marketing?

Getting New Customers Using Article Marketing and Email Marketing

My approach is very easy. I send my articles to the best article directories. Once the reader reads this article and needs more information, he will then click my link at the end of the article. In order to get more information related to the article, the reader needs to submit his email through the squeeze page on my website. After doing that he will get the information he requested for on his mail box.

There is then a beginning of a long term relationship. He knows that he would be benefitted by being on the list because he gets the required information and some gifts, and also because the website he is accessing has got information about his interests.

This way not only does the reader get the required information but also starts believing in the author. That both are benefitted. The reader gets the information he is seeking for and the author gets only those customers who he knows will trust his methods.

A great way to begin would be trying to find the hot topic that needs to be addressed. Then you go on to write very good articles on that topic. Then those in need will definitely respond if you give the right information about the topic and promise them you can send more articles by email if they sign up your squeeze page.

Just merely writing articles does not help. You need to attract the potential customers through your website and get their email so send the information they need and start a relationship with them.

Make your squeeze page as eye catching as possible. After getting their email try to gain as much information about them as possible.

Once this is done, it is extremely profitable although you should remember to use the correct keywords and have very many articles written.

Source by Lucy Ewrtynes

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