How to Drive Viral Traffic at No Cost

Using forum posts on a regular basis in one of the possible ways to get viral traffic at no cost.

Strangely, it's one Internet Marketers often forget … Start posting on forums to attract new readers to gain viral traffic for free.

This will improve your search engine rankings, your conversions and the number of subscribers to your mailing list. Many forums allow you to use a signature at the end of each of your posts. Use that opportunity to meet new customers respecting the basic rules of the forum posts.

  1. Respect everyone even if you disagree with the person
  2. Read before posting
  3. Give valuable answers

Let's say you have a website about Diets and Weight Loss products. Forums related to your business should be general Health forums in the Diet category, Diets Forums, Herbal Diets forums, etc. To be successful using forums to do viral marketing there are some steps to follow:

  1. Making some researches : In every successful business, research is always the first step before investing time and money. Start finding the most relevant forums to your niche.
  2. Starting a selection : Do not join all forums, having 3 or 4 forums at the final stage is enough to keep you busy. The forums to select must be popular: thousands of members and thousands of posts. Do not join a new fresh forum. They are less competitive but they lead to a loss of time and energy. Keep focused on authority forums! Check the number of active members and the Google Page Rank of the forum.
  3. Narrowing your selection : If you focus on 2 or 3 forums only, you'll have more time to read and answer the other members' posts. Your forum presence will be more regular and the quality of your posts more appreciated. Now, go further into each forum's rules before joining 3 or 4 for maximum. Sometimes less are more. May be 2 or 3 will be better if you have less spare time. To narrow your selection answer that simple question : Do they allow you to add a signature at the end of your post? If not, forget them. Your time is too precious.
  4. Joining the forums you selected : Like for any forum on the web, you'll have to fill in a form. Typically, your name and email address are the minimum requirements.
  5. Prepare your signature : Your signature has to be short. Stay reasonable using one line only, include one link to your website. If you add longer signature you may receive a notification from the forum admin.Update it regularly and test what suits best to the forum you're currently using. Test, test and test. Also track the origin of your website visitors.
  6. Posting helpful content :

A forum is not a place where to post your advertisement. People visit forums to find assistance or answers to problems that they're facing. Think as someone visiting a forum, you're online to exchange informations with other members.

Posting ads, everyone will see you as a marketer with a clear lack of experience. Your post will be deleted and you may even be banned from the forum. The very first post you should make is a brief introduction of yourself as a person. Show how you're concerned about the topic of the forum.

Be serious about growing your business, spending at least an hour each day there. You'll have to take the time to know the users. Post answers, propose solutions, support members. Never ever try to sell anything. Respect other members' opinion.

Becoming an active member, you'll develop a good reputation as long as you do not say a single word about your promotion. Those who are interested in your products will click on your signature. Only post if you have something useful to say. It's not posting for increasing the number of posts. It's about sharing useful content. You may also post some questions. Do not use any abusive or aggressive marketing tactics!

If you follow all those steps the forum members will see you as an authority in your domain.

That concludes this article, you should search our other articles for further information.

To Your Success!

Source by Arthur Orchid

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