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Do you feel like giving your online business up? Are your marketing efforts yielding to zero results? Are you not receiving enough traffic to quench your thirsty website? Or you just do not have enough money to invest on methods to generate traffic for your site? Traffic is the very blood of your website, and like a person being sucked out of blood by a vampire, your website will be left dead and cold without that blood running into your website's veins.

But generating website traffic requires a huge amount of money, I hear you say. Yes, those huge companies may have invested a lot of dime to be where they are now, but just like any kind of situation, there are always plan Bs. I am about to share to you tips on how to start building traffic for your site without having to spend a cent.

Tip number one, link it! A lot of online entrepreneurs can already attest to the power of this tactic, and it is about time to make it work for you too. By building links from and to other websites that are of the same niche to your business, you can build numerous access points for your target clients to reach you, for free! However, overdoing this tactic can ban you from some search engines, so be careful not to.

Tip number two, meet meta tags! Meta tags are used in making a website source code. It is basically the summary of a page content where search engine robots crawl into and analyze to determine the ranking of your site. There are three kinds: meta title, meta description, and meta keywords. By having an in-depth understanding of the HTML portion of your website, you can manipulate and control your meta tags to make them appear good for search engine robots.

Tip number three, quality and keyword-rich content! Quality will always get you to success. By making your website content solid and informative, you can never go wrong. Using relevant keywords and phrases can guarantee to drive traffic you your site, there are tools like Overture that you can utilize for keyword suggestions that are proven to be attractive to search engine robots.

All that if applied correctly may not bring popularity to your site, but it can deliver high conversion rate for you. Those are just a few of the many things you should do to increase your website traffic and generate more income. Continue to search for ways on how to improve your online business, there are a lot of them available for you.

Source by Shanna Vilmar

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