Best Places to Sell Your Wholesale Products

The trick on finding places to sell your wholesale product is to put yourself in your customer’s shoes. I know, that such a cliché phrase, but you really need to specifically detail the type of people you are selling to. Young, newlywed mothers? Teenage male athletes?

Once you have specifically identified your customer base, then you need to brainstorm on where they would search to purchase your product. Remember, no idea is too big. This is your business we are talking about. Think of every possible place. The bigger the list, the better. Just start writing every idea down that pops into your head. You can get rid of the bad ideas later, but for now, let your brain wander.

This list below are some great places to start selling, but the more specific you get, the more success you will have. Check out the list below to get your brain flowing:

Your Own Website

Your own website gives you pricing power and less direct, immediate competition then eBay or a store. Plus, you can generate revenue from ad space.

A Flea Market or Trade Show

Flea markets and trade shows have high traffic customers with cash on hand ready to purchase products. Be careful though, because if you do not choose your crowd right, they might not be interested or have enough cash on hand.

A Garage Sale

Garage sales also work great for low priced items, such as clothes and childrens toys. Remember to try and specify what type of people will be at the garage sales before you devote your time to make sure that they are the type of people that will be interested in your product.

At, you can repackage your products and sell them to other people selling wholesale. You can purchase a huge lot of your products, divide them up, and sell your own pallets of products at a profit. markets themselves to wholesalers, so you should have no problem selling your products.


eBay has a massive, loyal custumer base that you can tap into by selling your products there. The problem is that your product is more likely already on eBay, in very large supply more likely. If you cannot beat the price of everyone else, you will have a very hard time making eBay profitable. That is why most dropshipping will not work on eBay – only products you received in bulk.

Dollar stores

Dollar stores, because of their extremely low prices and usually high traffic, their products have a very quick turnover time. This is why these stores and their owners are always looking for more and new products to sell. If you have a cheap product, consider approaching a manager at a dollar store and propose an offer to sell some products to them.

Retail Stores

Retail stores, usually “Mom and Pop”, or privately owned stores, are easy to sell products to. If your product has a specific customer and there is a store that caters to your customer, try talking to the owners. It doesn’t hurt to ask.

Your Own Mail Order Business

FedEx Kinko’s makes it really easy to create your own catalog, and you will be surprised how cheap it is. Use the FedEx Kinkos Location Finder to locate a Kinkos close to you. You usually do not notice them, but they are all over. Put together a catalog, put your phone number on it or create an order page, maybe a website, and you are in business.

College Campuses

College campuses, especially big public ones, are great places to sell. Set up a table by the Student Center with a sign and start selling. With thousands upon thousands of students walking by daily, if you have the right product, this could be an important sales strategy.

Source by Steve S.

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