Becoming Successful in Life – The Importance of Discipline

Discipline means obedience to rules for regulation of human conduct. A life without discipline is like a ship without a rudder. Discipline is be-all and end-all of life.It does not mean a termination of individual liberty or a life cabin-ed and defined in iron case. William Slim says 'It is only a discipline that enables man to live in a community and yet retains individual liberty'. No body can prosper in his life without it.

We find discipline in:

If we take a closer look around us, we will be able to realize that all of things abide by the rules of rolls of nature. There are many examples around us. Here is some examples where, we can take lesson of discipline from-

– The nature: Discipline is the first low of nature. Nature is not a chaos but a cosmos. Had there been no order in nature, the world would have destroyed in the twinkle of an eye. All the planets of the solar system move on their relative orbits in a discipline way and do never come in collision with one another

– The army life: Discipline is must be obeyed in army life. Here discipline is a question of life and death. The soldiers must follow the command of the leader without any question, without any excuse, without any hesitation. It is because here a moment's hesitation may mean defeat and death. There goes a saying 'Do or die'

– The animals: Discipline is also seen in the life of lower animals. The life of bees is an eye-opening example of discipline. All the bees obey the queen bee. Ant are also disciplined. They lead their life in a discipline way. If any ant find a drop of water he share this drop of water with another ant. All other animals also follow a disciplined course of life. And so on.

Value of discipline:

– In daily life: Great value of discipline in our life. Man is a social being. He can not do whatever he likes. He must abide by the rules of the society. Where there is no discipline, there is no rule of law and where there is on rule of law, there is only chaos and confusion everywhere. "Might is right" becomes the go of the day. A well-regulated disciplined man can enjoy all the boons of a happy life and leave behind him foot prints of glorious deeds on the sands of time. MK Gandhi says 'Discipline maintains system, system maintains development and development vibrates human life.'

– In family life: Discipline is of great value in a family life. A family with good discipline is like a team under a good captain. On the contrary, a family without discipline is can not go nicely. A family is the first training ground for a man to learn discipline.

– In student life: Students are the future hope of the nation. There life is life of preparation – preparation for the struggle of life. They can not expect to win in the battle of life without discipline. A less meritorious student with discipline can beat out a more meritorious student without discipline in the competition.

– In playground: Discipline is strictly followed in the playground. A team can not play well without discipline. A well disciplined but a weak team can easily beat out the strong rival team bereft if discipline among them. Discipline may be called a million dollar secret for winning victory in the competitions of game and sports.

– In traffic system: Discipline is strictly followed in the traffic system. This is why the traffic police are posted at important crossing points in the roads to maintain the traffic rules. They guide the vehicles to follow their due course and avoid jams and accidents. We know that a road without discipline would be a road with a horrible scene of accidents only.

Finely, discipline is the key to success in life. It actually means a prescribed code of conduct which helps us to lead a peaceful life in a community along with liberty. We all should work in the way of discipline.

Source by Tahimd Ahmed

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