5 Types of Services Provided by Courier Companies

There is certainly no shortage of courier companies in the UK. You do not have to go far before you see a courier van either in a town, or out on the motorway. To many people courier companies provide a basic service – to get a consignment (package or parcel) from one place to another. However, to a courier company this means having to provide different services to meet the demands of their customers.

Here are 5 different types of service provided by UK Courier companies:

1. International Courier – The name of the service somewhat gives it away, but the International Courier service is all about providing customers with a solution to get their package from one country to another no matter the requirement for transport by air or sea. The International Courier service can also come in different disguises such as International Express (Next Day) or Standard (5-7 days)

2. Same Day Express Courier – Need a parcel sending last minute? Need it to arrive the same day? No problem for the Same Day Express courier service. This service can often come in different disguises such as Same Day Courier, Express Courier and Bike Courier but essentially they all provide the same service – getting your parcel to its destination on the same day you send it. This service is very popular in the city, especially with law firms

3. Overnight Courier – Urgent delivery required in London in the morning? You need an overnight courier service! Often transported by couriers during the dark hours and early morning this service can guarantee to get your parcel to its destination before a designated time the following day.

4. Bike Courier – London poses many challenges for courier companies with the heavy traffic. The great thing is that they do not let this bother them. Many couriers in London use push bikes or motorbikes to beat the traffic ensuring that their clients get their packages delivered on time

5. Standard Courier Service – If you have not got a time restriction on your delivery then the standard service is often the most cost efficient, however it can take 2-3 days longer than a time specific service. This service is often seen when ordering products on the internet.

So there you have it. 5 different services provided by UK Courier companies. So next time you need an urgent delivery to reach New York from London you know what to ask for!

Source by Ian Sheldon

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