5 Targeted Traffic Secrets Nobody Talks About

As the web grows and changes, there are specific things that nobody sees to discuss about how to reach more people. Would you believe that it actually takes less effort now than before? By realizing some things about your customers and the way the internet is going, you can reach more people now.

The first secret is to have interesting conversations. Converse with other experts in your niche, as well as potential customers. You can do this via your blog by linking to blog posts on other blogs that are interesting to you. Use their ideas to help you create something that your audience would be interested in reading. Link to their post from yours and they will get a notice called a "trackback" in their comments. Most of the time, this will start a conversation that will bring you both more targeted traffic.

Another great way to talk to people is Twitter. Find people that talk about what you are doing in your business by using Twitter's search function. Follow them to stay updated on what they do and interact with your audience. As you talk to people, more people will want to talk to you.

Secret number two is your story. People do not want to do business with companies, they want to work with people. Is there a reason you sell what you do? Do you have an interesting background story related to your business? Have you faced hard times in your life that relate directly to why you do what you do? Tell your story and you will get more sales and better customers. This qualifies people and helps them get to know you better. Always think about the perception of you that your customers will take away from what you reveal, some things are better left unsaid.

Secret three is remembering that your audience people, too. People focus far too much on numbers, conversions, sales statistics, etc … Focus on the fact that your audience are human beings. Do you like when you are forced to view a pop up window? They may not like it either. Optimize the experience of your visitors by thinking about what they would enjoy. There are two sides to your website, results and the experience of the user. Always think of both to get better results with the same amount of traffic.

Secret four is relationships. Building the right relationships for your business can get you immediate massive traffic. I get JV (joint venture) requests every day, all day long. The ones that I pay attention to are from people that I know and care about. Imagine for a moment what would happen if you could simply pick up the phone and tell a friend that you need their help with something. Would not that work better than sending a spammy email to someone you do not know?

You should also be building relationships with your customers. The better they know you and like you, the more likely they are to buy from you and your company. Do a show on Ustream, reply to comments on your blog posts, and deliver content they can devour and enjoy.

The last secret is to find communities in your niche. There are already websites where thousands of your potential customers hang out. Find them and join up. Help people and answer any questions they may have and they will begin searching for you in droves. Build your reputation up and do not be spammy or post offers, simply help people. It takes time and a bit of effort, but before long you will have a raving audience by simply becoming part of the community and helping people that are already interested in what you do.

Source by Ross M. Goldberg

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