Provide the Best Quality Service or Business That You Desire to See or Receive – Always Do Your Best

Surmise each life-given situation, as an opportunity, that can be seen as a resolute invitation to resolve and devise a higher paradigm for the propitiation of ineptness and weakness has already been paid in full. Most everyone knows what they want and how they want to be treated. We have all learned that being rude is useless and have all moved on to behave respectfully to everyone that we deal with in our daily lives. I am sure that most everyone is well-versed in etiquette and ready to excel when we buy, shop or sell both as customers, and as vendors. Almost everyone is born with the ability to learn how to sell, serve, buy and understand the concept of a good customer service experience. Realize that everyone’s time is important, and that includes yours and mine!

If somebody at the cash register, on the telephone line, or in any given service situation is acting offensively or taking too long to recognize us as customers, they lose our business, they lose our trust and our respect as well.

Disillusion procrastination: judiciously utilize your time with good intent: serenely be a co-creator, both you as a customer or you as a vendor wish to derive value from each others presence. Be an active participant of a highly calculable mode of living, that behooves you; completed in honesty, integrity and with limitless possibilities. Make a soft a subtle sound., ie clear your voice, say hello or direct a friendly glare to your vendor or customer. You can avoid a rough situation by providing soft, subtle cues to gain your customer or vendor’s attention. You will both be happy when you finally, hopefully, within a few seconds, get to speak to one another in eager anticipation.

Cultivate many rewards that are well-won by keeping a higher constitution in your premeditated thoughts; our thoughts always transpire into action, one-step-at-a-time. Set your intention to have a good selling or a great buying experience before you leave your home or sacred space.

Be cognizant of your remarkable, marketability, and glowing attributes that were allotted to you from birth, all you have to do is cultivate what has already been provided for you. We are all willing and wanting to have great socialization and stimulating conversation when we engage a new person in the course of our daily or weekly sales and purchases. Give a voice to your thoughts and tell yourself that you are going to meet a nice service person or a nice customer that will be helpful and perhaps even witty, maybe prepare your planning so that you can fill that vacuum or lull of time, while waiting, for your turn, at the grocery store or doctor’s office. Perhaps by reading an engaging pamphlet, about the product or service, that you are preparing to buy, or sell.

By giving a voice to the vacuum of intention in your soul, you can garner a life of serendipity and uncommon success. Remember too, the example that you are setting for your own students or children who will emulate the way that they see you engage a customer or vendor. Aspire success for your posterity up to a 1,000%, the choice is yours alone to make. Relish every opportunity to show yourself worthy of a great exchange of words or service, as either a customer or as a vendor. Have a happier shopping experience as you mentally prepare to meet and engage someone knowledgeable or helpful on your next customer service experience.

Source by Lorie Ann Jermoune