Completing the Fire Service Application Form

The Fire Service Application Procedure is a precise process. The Fire service Application Form is the pivotal point where many people fail when applying to join the Fire Brigade of their choice. You get one chance to get the attention of the adjudicator so get it right the first time by being prepared and doing your homework before completing the Fire Service Application Form.

The Fire Fighter application form is a paper sift designed to sift out unsuitable candidates. Unfortunately an awful lot of good candidates fail on the first go at this stage simply because they do not follow the correct procedure the form asks for. 80% of applicants fail at the Fire service Application form stage so being prepared is the key to your success.

Lets take a look….

Form Instructions some Examples: – Complete in Black ink. – Write in Block capitals – In your own handwriting

You may think it is basic but a huge amount of candidates fall at the first hurdle because they cannot follow a simple instruction. RTQ is a well known saying in this case and stands for: Read…The…Question.

On a positive note if so many do not get past this stage it makes your chances better!

The Fire Service Application procedure is not rocket science and you can create a great application by spending time preparing your answers. The application form is based around the PQA’s or the Trainee Fire Fighter Personal Qualities and Attributes. This is all part of the National Fire Fighter tests and is an effort to standardize the recruitment process throughout the UK.

You are required to answer the questions on the Fire Brigade application form to demonstrate that you can meet the requirements of the role of a trainee firefighter. ** Print off a copy of the PQA’s page and ensure your answers meet the essential requirements that you will find in some detail in the document.

We cannot stress enough that this is your chance to get it right first time. By coming to this site you have made a great start and will be one step ahead of the game but there is still a lot of work to do. You can research and find books, PQA training workbooks, and DVD courses to help with the process. We have listed a few on the site which all help but it is ultimately putting the time in now that will make the difference. Make sure you present your answers clearly and neatly on the form and ensure they hit the right qualities and attributes to become successful at this stage.

So lets say …you have the form… and you have read it ten times over. You UNDERSTAND what is being asked, and are AWARE of how they want the answers presenting on the form. Now you need to use blank paper ( not the form) and write out rough answers with due regard to the PQA’s. You can get PQA workbooks, Firefighter books, Firefighter Video and DVD’s as well as other training to help if you feel you need this.

My view is it depends on your confidence and knowledge. I am a great believer in arming myself with all the facts and then making an informed decision. Lets face it no one is going to fill this form in for you and everything rests on the form being successful. So prepare fully. If you feel you need some help have a look at our Fire Brigade jobs training products page. I am sure whatever you spend on training yourself to get through it will pay a thousand fold in the end.

Tips for filling in the Fire Service Application Form.

RTQ ! I cannot reiterate this enough ! get it?

Now go and photocopy your application form. Do about 6 copies and store the original safely away. Use the copies to practice on.

RTQ ! Make sure you really understand what is being asked and how they want it presenting.

Fill in every blank space. If they ask for it make sure something is in the box. If there is a box then something is supposed to be written in it unless it says ADMIN ONLY or something similar. If you do not understand call the Brigade recruiting department and ask them to clarify.

RTQ! Trust me! Do it again! which parts need CAPITALS which parts need your own handwriting. Highlight the form where CAPITALS are needed if it helps on your copies ( not the original of course!).

What colour pen will you use? Does it say Black Ink?

Practice filling in your photocopy fire fighter application form until you are happy you answers are refined and fit within the PQA’s. Think about how you are going to demonstrate you meet the skills and abilities in your answers. Your knowledge and research of the Fire Service will also help so arm yourself with as much prior knowledge as you can.

Whatever you do don’t lie or exaggerate. It is not worth all this effort to get caught out when you could have been truthful and still got the end result. Sadly you could also be dismissed at a later date if they find out.

Make sure your answers all fit in the spaces provided on the form also.

Check , re check, and check again for punctuation errors, spelling errors, and grammar errors. Ask a friend to read your practice form on you behalf.

Listen to your friends feedback. I know you will have slogged your guts out over this Bloody form but trust me you can get drawn in and blinkered. Take any advice willingly and not personally, consider it on its merit and make any changes you see necessary. Then re -write the form!

Now I know this is a lot of work but remember this is a career for life. 120 % effort now and go the extra mile, do the reading, listen to advice, and it will make all the difference when you sail through the application stage.

When you are happy you have done all you can …it is time to complete your original form. Do it when you have no distractions and plenty of time so you are not rushed. Unplug the house phone, turn your mobile off. No TV as it is a distraction. A bit of light music is OK if you can still concentrate…

If you need a drink keep it away from the table you are writing on!

Pick the right coloured pen and go for it. Nice and easy. Take your time and be as neat as possible. Remember one chance so give it 120% effort and make it count.

When you are done photocopy your form at least once. Better a few times you will need this later at interview stage to remember your examples.

Send the original Firefighter application form to the address you have been provided in plenty of time. Personally I would go for Special Delivery ( on time and insured) but be guided on what they request in your application pack.

And finally… if you haven’t read all the above tips just take note of this one….. this is your one chance to stand out above hundreds and hundreds of other applications… so give it your all… 120% … and make it count… be prepared… arm yourself with as much knowledge as you can… and think of the result… it is well worth the effort!…Good Luck!

If you feel that you need professional help have a look at our products page which is full of recommended viewing and reading that will greatly assist your chances of passing the Fire Service Application Form stage and the remainder of the recruitment process.

Source by Lisa J Morgan