Building A Positive Image Vital To Good Customer Service

Being in customer service function for over 10 years, I have observed that one of common reasons why some organizations are not able to get good rating for their customer satisfaction survey. The common reason is due mainly to the lack of confidence of their customer service staff when dealing with customers face-to-face. The ability to serve with confidence is not something most people are born with but one that requires constant practice and encouragement.

Here are five tips that can help your customer service staff to believe in themselves and their abilities which will later be translated into superior customer service:-

Be Positive

I am sure all of us in our working life have come across this well meaning advice either from colleagues, friends, superiors or some leadership course you may have attended. In reality, how many of us take this word seriously? For example, to be positive one needs to first believe in himself and able to engage in positive self-talk. It cannot be done as a one-off thing but requires constant practices and self motivation. You need to get your customer service staff to engage in a daily positive building exercise such as saying “I am confident” or “I am feeling great” or “Today is going to be a great day for me. I am going to do my best”.

Picture Success

All of us can imagine the magnitude of suffering that can bestow upon us as we watch in awe the movie block buster “2012” movie. Imagine if your customer service staff can be taught to visualize success in every encounter with their customers. Getting them to visualise and enjoy the feelings that come with them. What better positive reinforcement having them visualizes their own successes to drive performance?

Emphasize on Image

The way your customer service staff speak, dress, posturing and body language project either a very positive or negative image to your customers. When your customer service staff speak it is important they avoid vocalized pauses such as ‘er’, ‘um’, ‘uh’ and ‘you know what I mean’. Only by speaking with strong, steady voice, neither shouting nor mumbling will they project the right image to the customers. Identify and avoid nervous actions like fiddling with fingers or other personal jewellery, keeping arms crossed and looking away from the person who is speaking to. Needless to say, eye contact is important and must be established at all times.

Prepare well

There is a saying that Opportunity = Preparation. When your staff is well prepared, they exude confidence with organized thoughts and able to present clearly and confidently. They must learn to do research and willing to spend time rehearsing until they get them right. Use positive reinforcement to reward those who are well prepared compare to others.

Be adventurous

Train your staff to be very inquisitive and not be afraid to ask and try something different even if they know will be risky at time. Encourage them to take risk and new challenges to reap bigger reward and satisfaction. Do not punish good intention instead nurture and guide them on the right path

Source by Koh Eng Hwa