Assessing Service Quality With Hotel Guest Service Checklist

One of the main goals of every hotel is to meet the requirements of their customers. Hotels depend heavily on their clients for profit just like any other business. To achieve hotel client service excellence, the customers must be satisfied with the services offered to them by the firm. In order for you to know how well you are implementing the services of your business, the hotel customer service managers should have a comprehensive hotel guest service checklist. This checklist will include all the important areas that should be checked so that goal accomplishment will be achieved.

Every hotel business has their own objectives and thus, the hotel guest service checklist differs depending on the hotelier’s preferences. Nevertheless, there are standard things that you should always include in the checklist. To make things simpler, you should categorize the services so that you can easily keep track of them using the hotel guest service checklist. Among the classifications that you should use are the front desk services, the food and beverage, in room, environmental and facilities access, retail or gift shops and meeting and convention spaces.

In the hotel guest service checklist, it is significant that you include the identification of the employees or personnel in every category. Customers want to identify the individuals who are serving them and thus most of the prominent hotels now require their staff to initiate an introduction to the guests. Aside from uniforms and name badges, it is essential for clients to recognize the people especially those who are visually impaired.

Using the hotel guest service checklist, you will need to target the crucial things that might affect the hotel service excellence. The first are the customers, which you are obliged to know. Put yourself on their shoes so that you will understand their perception of what quality service is. Knowing your customers also mean that you are aware of their needs and expectations. The next is the competitions, which are after your customers. Find out their strengths and weaknesses.

The checklist should help you in communication as well. Most of your customers who are not happy with the services have reasons and the only method that will allow you to know them is to ask. Most of them will answer that it is the quality of the services while others will complain about the cost. Therefore, you need to talk with and greet them. Most importantly, smile at them whenever they are in front of you.

Another is the competence of your business. The checklist will inform you whether or not you are promoting hotel service excellence. If most of the things that have been jotted down on the list are not being met, you know that there is something wrong with the operations of your hotel. Managers often have to take ownership of a problem no matter whose fault it is. This is because the most critical thing here is the method of solving the problem and not the one who caused it.

Being in the hotel business does not only mean that you have to meet the requirements of your customers. You have to exceed them and one way to guarantee this is through the use of hotel guest service checklist.

Source by Sam Miller