5 Ways To Provide Excellent Customer Service

An integral part of a job lies in customer service. It should not just be seen as an extension of our job. The most vital asset to a company is its customers. With them, businesses would cease to exist. When customers are satisfied, they not only help our business grow by continuing their relationship with us, but they will soon be recommending the business to their friends and associates. No matter what kind of job you have or what your aspirations are, one of the best skills you can cultivate is excellent customer service. Keeping customers happy may happen to be a mainstay of your job. No matter if you deal with them in person, on the telephone or online, this is not something that is simple to do. You will find that when you have an unreasonable customer, it may be very easy to give in to them. However, if you are a good customer service representative, this is not an option. Below are some pointers for you to consider no matter who you are dealing with.

1. Smile!

Even if a customer is on the telephone and can not see you, they can always detect a smile even in your voice. A smile is a set of muscle movements that your body associates with happiness. You can feel your spirits lift when you smile. A smile will put your customers at ease so that they will be more comfortable and open with you in the future.

2. Be as friendly as your schedule allows If you have to talk a person through something, you will find that there is some 'down time' between when your computer is processing and when you can resume your business. Take time to be friendly and chat with your customer and ask how their day is going. A customer is usually pleasantly surprised when this is asked by a stranger. You will find that this will make it a great deal easier to deal with this customer in the future.

3.Do as much as you can for them

We all know that the time comes when we have to say 'No' to a customer. This is not ideal, even if the customer is gracious about it. If you can not go about giving them what they want, you can still give them something no matter if it is another option to try again or just a coupon. Make sure that your customer always leaves with something. This is not only great for your customers but it is a good business practice as well.

4. Get personal

Whether you have an email response set up, or you can simply put a work order through, you'll find that something as simple as calling your customer and reassuring them that things are going smoothly is a good way to make a connection. You'll find that if you are able to give them at least a voice to put to the message, they'll be much easier to work with.

5. Keep your promises.

If you say that you will do it, then you need to do it! While you can always say things like 'I'll check to see if that's possible,' or 'I'm not sure, but I'll ask for you,' if you say, 'Yes, this can happen,' you need to make sure that it does. Even if you are simply calling back to check in, you'll find that keeping promises is an extremely important part of customer service.

Source by Kale McClelland